Wondering if a solar panel system is worth the investment for your business? We’re here to tell you it’s absolutely worth it, especially when you work with SkyCap. We set you up for decades of efficient, dependable power. The benefits of a solar installation go far beyond powering your lightbulbs and saving money on your energy bill. Learn more about how we can be your business’ best ally in success!

We Deliver Phenomenal ROI

A business that doesn’t constantly grow and improve is doomed to fail, so you must know how to invest intelligently. Solar power is a phenomenal investment for your business. It’s practically unmatched when it comes to ROI, and we would love to help you access its incredible advantages!

We Create Marketing Opportunities

If you have direct competitors, advertising your business’ green practices and environmental consciousness can give you that extra edge you need. A majority of consumers are more likely to take their business to companies who care. They want to know their money is doing more. Let us help you beat the competition with a solar installation!

We Open the Door to Tax Advantages

The federal government encourages companies to move to solar power, by offering them a tax credit equal to 30% of the cost of your solar power system. Additionally, some local jurisdictions offer additional rebates and incentives . Combined, the rebates can reduce the effective cost of your system by 30 percent or more. That shortens your path to seeing a solid return on your investment! Let our solar contractors get you started.

We Boost the Value of Your Business

You’ve got to do everything you can to make your business as valuable as possible. In some locations, businesses can sell excess electricity created by solar systems back to the power company. However, even if this benefit isn’t available to you, you’ll be able to keep the excess power you produce! Additionally, having solar makes it easier to get loans by making your business more valuable. SkyCap Solar will keep you growing — learn more today!