Providing your home with a solar installation has countless benefits — not to mention, solar panels for homes are becoming the industry standard. In fact, California has recently mandated that every new home being built has solar panels. It’s time to get onboard with the trends. It’s time for solar installation.

A Cost-Efficient Energy Solution

You can save about $100 a month just by switching to solar. This might not seem like a ton of money, but over time, this adds up — 20 years down the road this leads to tens of thousands in savings.
Not only does solar save you money, simply by using less energy, but it also saves you money in other capacities. You can get tax benefits from a home solar installation — you can get 30 percent of your total system costs back (which includes equipment and installation). In many ways, investing in solar is investing in energy that pays for itself.

A Lifetime of Benefits

When you plan on staying in your home for decades to come, you’ll reap enormous financial benefits from how much you’re saving. But even if you’ll be moving sooner than that, a solar installation adds astronomical value to your home. You’ll still see positive financial outcomes, simply from being able to sell at a higher price.
Solar installations are a safe investment. Most come with a 20- to 25-year warranty, and there are lifetime monitoring systems offered (such as through SkyCap Solar) to help you track your energy consumption and overall savings.

An Environmental Impact

Using solar panels saves on carbon dioxide emissions that otherwise come from natural gas and other fossil fuels. Switching to solar can offset 5,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide in a year — over the span of 20 years, this would be the same amount as driving a car for 100,000 miles. Every little bit counts when it comes to energy efficiency. When we do our part, all our contributions add up and they all make a difference.

Solar isn’t just a wave of the future, it’s an energy and money-saving investment that you’ll absolutely benefit from. Contact SkyCap Solar for a free quote, and for the absolute best in solar installation.